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The Superchips warranty, for peace of mind
The Superchips warranty, for peace of mind All Superchips are now covered by a ‘Peace of Mind’ warranty – which is aimed to compliment manufacturers warranties on new vehicles. The warranty is not intended to replace the existing warranty provided by the manufacturer, but will supplement the cover to include the parts deemed to be excluded by the manufacturer. Full terms and conditions are available upon request.

Modified Engine Management Systems   Turbo Cars

Our modified engine management computers optimise fuel delivery and ignition timing, resulting in better throttle response, more power and more torque throughout the rev range. In most instances we can offer variable upper rev limits, i.e. Clio 16v goes up to 7500 rpm. Generally speaking, an improvement of 10% in power is achieved with 15% more torque for most Renault normally aspirated cars. Superchips are world leaders at re-programming your car’s on-board computer to enhance performance. For any particular car, Superchips can re-programme the information held on the computers chip to optimise and improve power output without compromising fuel economy. The cars on-board computer, Electronic Control Unit (ECU), monitors and controls ignition timing and fuelling maps to optimise performance.




There are impressive gains of up to 25% more power and torque. Driving pleasure is increased through less gear changing and the car will feel more lively and responsive, this is done by increasing the manufacturers boost limit. With the re-programmed computer matching the cars ignition timing and fuelling, long time reliability of the engine is retained.



Non Turbo Cars (normally aspirated)   HDi & Turbo Diesel Cars

Superchips re-mapping of the on-board computer gives up to 10% more power, elimination annoying traits such as hesitation and poor throttle response that occur on computer controlled cars, making the car more lively and responsive


Superchips re-programming of the computer matches the fuelling to the increased manufacturers boost pressure, giving impressive gains of up to 30% more torque and power. This adds to driving pleasure, requiring less gear changing, making the car more lively and responsive. There is also the potential for improved fuel economy