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Cituning Induction Kits

All filters are complete with Cituning Installation Kit

CDA Carbon Dynamic Air Box Filter Kits

The CDA filtering system is composed of a cylindrical carbon air box containing a washable filtering element. Substituting the original air box with our CDA, cold air is directly channelled through an internal airflow deflector to the filter and drawn into the engine with a very small pressure drop (patented system).

Complete with CDA Box and Cituning Installation Kit
CITC260130 C2 1.6 16v GT / VTR / VTS
CITC360130 C3 1.6 16v
CITPL60130 Pluriel 1.6 16v
CITSAX70130/VTR Saxo 1.6 VTR 8v
CITSAX60130 Saxo 1.6 VTR 8v 2001>
CITSAX70130/VTS Saxo VTS 16v


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DIA Direct Intake Air System Filter Kits

Thanks to the lengthy experience gained by BMC in dynamic supercharging air boxes, they have developed the Direct Intake Air System (DIA). The operation philosophy of the BMC top range product, the Carbon Dynamic Air box (CDA), is utilised in the DIA using less exotic material and therefore being more economical. This has enabled the production of a system that still gives more performance than a normal shielded cone filter but is available at a very interesting price.

Complete with DIA Box and Cituning Installation Kit
CITC2DIA001 C2 1.6 16v GT / VTR / VTS
CITSAXDIA001 Saxo 1.6 VTR 8v 2001>

BMC currently supply six Formula 1 Race Teams with air filter systems so they have a sound pedigree!


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