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Please note that all of our prices include V.A.T.
  MD18001 Saxo VTR 1800cc Stroker Kit
Forged Crank + Forged Pistons + Forged Con-Rods + Competition Bearings
  MD607-2 Saxo VTR Alloy Vernier Pulley
  VPBCOMP-2 Saxo VTR Competition Big End Bearings Set
  C15347S-8V Saxo VTR Competition Cam Belt Kit Includes Idler Pulley
  VPTCOMP-2 Saxo VTR Competition Crank Thrust Bearing
  VPMCOMP-2 Saxo VTR Competition Main Bearings Set
  C20483 Saxo VTR Cylinder Head Bolts Set
  VPBMTCOMP-2 Saxo VTR Engine Bearing Set with Thrusts
VPBCOMP Big End Bearings + VPTCOMP Crank Thrust Bearing + VPMCOMP Main Bearings Set
  MD162SPEC Saxo VTR Forged High Compression Piston and Steel Conrod Set
Special Offer
  MD162 Saxo VTR Forged High Compression Piston Set of 4