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Please note that all of our prices include V.A.T.
CITSAX270310-1 CITUNING Saxo 1400 8v Alloy Race Fuel Filler Set
This clever concept utilises a resin casting which fits into the filler cap recess allowing flush mounting of the cap to the car body. It also slips over the filler neck to which it is attached by a combined adhesive and sealant. The casting will require painting to match the car body colour.
AERIAL1B-1 Saxo 1400 8v Black 100mm Alloy Short Roof Aerial
Designed to fit with our aftermarket rear spoiler range
CITSAX206-1 CITUNING Saxo 1400 8v Bonnet Scoop
Cosmetic Accessory
CITSAX185-1 Saxo 1400 8v Dimma Front Spoiler
Fits onto the original front bumper
CITSAX183-1 Saxo 1400 8v Dimma Rear Valance
Fits onto the original rear bumper
CITSAX182-1 Saxo 1400 8v Dimma Side Skirts Pair
CITSAX5.18B-1 Saxo 1400 8v DTM Front Spoiler
Fits onto the original front bumper
CITSAX92-1 Series 2 Saxo 1400 8v F2 Wide Arch Bodyconversion
Front Bumper, Front Arches, Rear Arches & Rear Bumper
CITSAX260-1 Saxo 1400 8v Mk1 RGM Front Grill
Complete with Mesh
CITSAX207-1 Saxo 1400 8v Mk2 Cituning Sports Front Grill
Complete with Mesh